Commercial Pool Restoration Projects

Commercial pool renovations are a speciality of Boutique Pool Renovations. With our large team of professionals and many years of success, we can guarantee a pleasurable experience with outstanding results through the pool remodelling process. We appreciate the fact commercial managers of premises such as strata buildings and hotels are under pressure to keep pool downtime to a minimum. With this in mind all commercial pool renovation projects are scheduled to be completed as expediently as possible while maintaining our usual high standards. Projects vary in time taken to complete from 5 – 31 days, depending on the work needing to be completed.

From quote to completion Boutique Pool Renovations General Manager, David, personally handles all commercial pool remodelling enquiries to guarantee the information being provided is of the highest quality. His knowledge base of commercial pool bylaws prevents any confusion and money being wasted on work not completed to relevant laws and regulations. All commercial pool restorations come with a 5 Year Warranty that offers the piece of mind managers and owners are looking for. Call us today for a free quote or advice.

Commercial Pool Renovation Portfolio

Silver Sands Resort

Reason for Pool Renovation – Pool paint and plaster has a low life expectancy on high chlorine levels in a indoor pool. After the initial plaster failed after a only a few years the pool was resurfaced with paint. Within a couple of years the paint had completely degraded to the point of needing a another pool restoration. The swimming pool chemicals had become difficult to manage and the overall look of the pool was in need of improvement.

Solution – A pool resurfacing solution was offered using antislip, commercial grade swimming pool tiles that meets all health and council and building regulations.  This would greatly improve the look of the pool and offer a more permanent solution to an ongoing pool maintentance problem.

Overview – The pool is a large free form pool with many curves to deal with. A short downtime of 8 days was set for the pool so 5 pool tilers were used to complete the task working everyday until complete. Eight days later the commercial pool tiling project was complete and looks amazing. All glass mosaic pool tiles were fixed using X18 white with E90 additive and completed with over 500 cuts being made with a wet saw to guarantee a “pool – safe” edge. White FG8 tile grout was used to finish the waterproofing. Overall it was a complex commercial pool restoration project with an excellent end result that the client was more than happy with.

Manhattan on Hay

Reason for Pool Restoration – Built eight years prior the pool had deteriorated to the point of leaking continuously. The pool was situated above a car park which was creating issues for patrons. The chemicals in the pool also degraded the concrete surround creating cracks. The pool was also impossible to maintain due to constant loss of water.

Solution – A semi-flexible membrane was needed to waterproof the pool surface and stop any leaks in the future. Fibreglass was used to custom build a waterproof swimming pool shell within the current shell. The entire pool was double glassed for added strength. Once the fibreglass repair process was complete sika-pool sealant was used to waterproof between the fibreglass surface and the steel and glass wall. The pool was then completed with glass pool-safe mosaic tile band and anti-slip grip. Four new super bright led pool lights were installed and the outside wall rendered to replace old tiles.

Overview – Given the scope of the work needed to remodel the swimming pool and the difficult access the job was still completed within 21 days. The clients were happy to have a pool that was leak free and reduced running costs. The overall finish of the renovated swimming pool was appealing and problem free.

Mantra Hotel

Reason for Pool Resurfacing – A fibreglass swimming pool on the 6th floor was in need of a major repair. The pool gel coat had worn through exposing the fibreglass matting beneath. Osmosis was causing bubbling and black spot was rampant through out the pool shell. The pool became difficult to maintain. A very short downtime of 5 days was a large focal point.

Solution – A complete pool restoration was required to extend the life of the pool. The pool was ground down to the original matting, removing osmosis and black-spot at the same time. New pool fibreglass matting was needed to smooth the surface and prevent black-spot and osmosis from returning. This would then need to be gel coated with a chemical barrier followed by a top coat decorative layer.

Overview – The pool was completed to client satisfaction in the shortest time possible. A new restored look for an old pool which reduced maintenance and greatly improved the overall look of the area.

Sorrento Beach Resort

Reason for Spa Refurbishment – The old spa was in need of major refurbishment and updating to current regulations. The new spa shell was to be raised by 30mm. The existing spa equipment and paving was to be utilised. The spa also needed the equipment replumbed and a self leveling system to be installed to bring it up to current standards.

Solution – The only option was to carefully remove and dispose of the old spa shell.  Build a footing for the limestone wall and cut pavers in to suit. The new shell is then pre-plumbed to suit the existing pipes and then installed on the new limestone supports. A new self leveling system was then installed and spa equipment replumbed to be brought up to code.

Overview – The spa installation and landscaping project was completed within 21 days and passed inspection first time. The new spa was a huge improvement on the old bath tub style and combine with a pool renovation brought the are back up to new.

Milligan St Apartments

Reason for Pool Rejuvenation – The Luxapool pool paint had deteriorated over 5 years and was in need of minor pool repairs. Pool skimmer boxes had minor cracks throughout and required repair. Once again the pool was situated on the second floor.

Solution – The swimming pool paint was hand sanded and acetoned to ensure a good bond for the paint. Two coats of Luxapool pool paint was then applied. The skimmers were then repaired with sika-pool and new eyeballs installed.

Overview – The pool rejuvanation was completed within 5 days and looked like new once complete. The skimmer repairs were a success and the overall look of the pool area was greatly improved. The pool renovation was straight forward and completed with out a hitch.

Mill Point Apartments

Reason for Pool Repairs – This was a large pool repair project as apposed to a pool resurfacing. The problem was a suction leak and four skimmer boxes involved. After leak detection work was complete the leak was confirmed but was under a supporting wall.

Solution – The problem could only be solved by running a new suction line to all four skimmer boxes. This involved digging through gardens, removing concrete, core drilling walls and other minor services.

Overview – Once completed the pool repairs involving new plumbing proved a success with all filter pressures returning to normal operating levels.

Sea Shells Scarborough

Reason for Pool Landscaping and Repairs – The swimming pool vinyl liner had perished and was leaking through the concrete wall into the store room / car park area adjacent to it. The area between the vinyl liner and coping was also leaking profusely. Penetrations such as light posts and umbrellas had also created points of leak. The pool was in need of major repairs and the surround needed waterproofing and landscaping work.

Solution – All of the paving was lifted including coping around pool. The vinyl liner was removed from the swimming pool and the concrete waterproofed. A new swimming pool liner was then installed. The existing coping was cleaned and the area from the liner to the back of the coping was waterproofed and the coping re-installed. The entire area of the pool surrounds was then waterproofed with bitumen before penetrations waterproofed with sealants. The existing paving was put back and a small new are of paving was installed to suit area.

Overview – The initial inspection only revealed a couple of issues. During the completion of the pool repair and landscaping project other problems were found and solved as they arose. This did extend the deadline of the project and budget. Over all the budget was only increased by 15% and the time frame extended by 10 days. The end result was no more leaks and another satisfied client.

Terrace St Apartments

Reason for Renovation – A large repair was required to the second storey pool skimmer boxes and leaks had developed over time and were leaking on cars passing by. The skimmer bases had cracked signifiacantly and replacement would have been exceptionally costly given they were set in the slab and tiled over. A second solution was needed that was cost effective and would permanently solve the problem.

Solution – The pool repair was completed using sika-pool silicone and acrylic plastic custom cut to the size of the skimmer base. The silicone sealant was used to seal the base to the new acrylic templates. This allowed for movement and provided a long term solution to the problem.

Overview – The pool repair was completed within one day and operational again after 3 days. The pool repair was near invisible and very cost effective compared to the alternative which is always popular with clients.

Stirling St Apartments

Reason for Pool Step Repair – This was another large repair project as apposed to a pool resurfacing. The problem water was leaking through the pool into the basement car park below. This was due to large cracks developing along the step area. Pool tiles had also shown sign of movement and needed repair.

Solution – As there were multiple points of leakage it was decided to fibreglass entire pool step area and repair the pool tiles at waterline level. This involved carefully removing existing tiles, sealing behind and reinstalling, as new tiles were not available. The cracks were then repaired and fibreglass fitted over area. This was then gel coated as per usual renovation.

Overview – The repairs to the pool step was a very cost effective way for strata owners to fix a major ongoing problem. The clients were more than satisfied with the results and the overall cost.

21 Pier Hotel

Reason for Pool Re-Plaster – Being an indoor swimming pool the plaster deteriorates at a faster rate than usual. The pool plaster was discoloured and stained and beginning to lift from concrete. The pool tiles were dated and dull and after 15 years the pool was in need of a restoration.

Solution – Everything was jackhammered and removed leaving the bare shell. New pool-safe tiles and duraquartz pool plaster was installed to pool and surrounds. The new style of the room is much lighter and brighter than before and much more inviting for the guests staying at the hotel.

Overview – The key to this project was to keep downtime to a minimum without compromising on standards. This project was completed in only 7 days which was less than the original time quoted to renovate the swimming pool.

RSL Menora

Reason for Pool Landscaping and Remodeling – The building and pool were 20+ years and in desperate need of refurbishment. The pool surface and tiles were beyond repair and upgrades to facilities were also required.

Solution – The pool was tiled with a 24k gold leaf mix. A new pool wetdeck and drainage was installed as well as new ballistrating. The project flowed onto decking, electrical work, painting, gyprocking and equipment upgrades. It really was a complete pool makeover

Overview – With much time and expense a complete transformation of the pool and surrounds was achieved. The pool and surrounds have uplifted the property and are truly first class in all respects.

Observation Rise Hotel

Reason for Pool Upgrade – The building and pool and surrounds were 20+ years and in desperate need of an update. Extensive work was being done to pool enclosure at the same time to completely transform area.

Solution – The swimming pool and spa were jack-hammered, re-tiled and plastered. The spa plumbing was replaced as it had been leaking for some time.  A custom colour was selected from Duraquartz pool plaster. Once pool was tiled, the wet deck was tiled in an R12 tile to prevent slippage when wet. Lastly the solar pool heating was recommissioned and the pool was filed

Overview – With great attention spent on the smaller details the project was a resounding success. The colour combinations selected for the pool restoration blended wonderfully with the column tiles, plant pots and feature wall.

Avena Apartments

Reason for Pool Renovation – The pool was built by a commercial builder as apposed to a pool builder and it showed. Delamination of the tiles and the plaster was the worst seen for such a young pool. The decking had sunk in areas and was also in need of replacing.

Solution – The swimming pool and spa were jack-hammered to remove the old tiles and loose plaster. New treadsteps and tiles were laid and married up to the new decking system. The pool was then render patched and painted with Luxapool pool paint.

Overview – The tiling and decking on this project were a great choice. Dark to not notice any dirt and all engineered to be around a swimming pool.