Fibreglass Restoration

Perth's Premium Pool Fibreglasser

Resurface Your Tired Old Fibreglass Pool

Fibreglass swimming pool renovation will restore the look of your swimming pool while protecting against blackspot and osmosis. With a range of colours to choose from and a fast turn around time, your restoration can be completed in as little as 7 days. Renovating your pool will protect the pool shell from chemical attack and fibreglass “rot” caused from it becoming porous.

Fibreglass Conversion

Long Lasting Fibreglass Conversions

Converting Your Pool Today

All pool renovations using fibreglass are engineered to last 15 – 20 years. Replace your old leaking vinyl and never have water under the liner again. Fibreglass is 100% waterproof, super smooth to touch, chemical resistant and very hard wearing. It is also less expensive than pool plaster and is flexible to allow for any movement in existing cracks in the shell.

Aquaguard® Pool Fibreglass

Aquaguard fibreglass pool system is a 4 layer process that will waterproof and protect you existing pool shell. No matter what type of swimming pool you own, concrete, fibreglass or vinyl, Aquaguard is a tried and tested method of renovating your swimming pool. Having been successfully installed in schools, hotels and swim schools, fibreglass remains the best option for a swimming pool suffering from cracks and structural movement. Aquaguard fibreglass system has been used for over 35 years and continues to be Perth’s most popular fibreglass system. Quality Australian made products from an internationally renowned company guarantees your pool restoration will be looking good for years to come. Your new hard wearing surface has a life expectancy of 15-20 years. Fibreglass swimming pools are resistant to algae formation, blackspot and osmosis, reducing chemical consumption and making it easy maintenance for the life of the coating. Experienced technicians are used for the application to ensure the job is completed to the highest of standards in the shortest possible time.

The Fibreglass Process

Initially all of the existing topcoat is removed to expose the underlying raw fibreglass. This involves sanding the entire swimming pool by hand, removing any existing blackspot and osmotic bubbles. The bubbles are then patched. Vinyl liner and concrete swimming pools are blasted and patched where required and the Aquaguard process can begin.

The most important step in swimming pool resurfacing is in the preparation phase. Once the pool is prepared properly the first layer of vinyl ester is applied and allowed to cure. The fibreglass matting is then layed by hand and smoothed, double glassing over cracks and gaps in the old surface. The fibreglass is then cured until ready for the next layer of materials.

All fibreglass swimming pool work is carried out by highly qualified technicians with 20 years experience.

Once the fiberglass is cured the chemical resistant fill coat is applied using a roller to ensure no air is trapped. The final and most important layer being the top coat is then applied underneath tarpaulins to ensure even curing and preventing discolouration. The final coat is allowed to cure for a minimum of 48 hours before the swimming pool is filled and chemically balanced.

Colour Range