Pool Landscaping Perth

Pool landscaping options have grown dramatically increased in recent years. During the swimming pool renovation process upgrades to you pool bullnose / coping and paving can dramatically improve the look of your backyard and impact of the pool restoration. Pool landscaping is using products suitable to be used in and around your swimming pool and will stand the test of time. Not all bullnose / coping are engineered to be used in swimming pool renovations as they are prone to chemical attack. All pool remodelling products used in your pool landscaping project have water-proofing built into the bullnose and paver. Other pool landscaping options we offer include building retaining walls, astro turf, decking, blanket boxes, plants, retic etc. At Boutique Pool Renovations we offer the complete pool landscaping package with every pool restoration we quote on.

If you are looking to upgrade your pool surrounds or completely remodel your backyard and swimming pool give us a call. We can offer expert advice on suitable pool surrounds and landscaping options as well as the full range of pool renovation choices. Whether it be an indoor commercial wet deck or simply some paving around the pool we can add any of these options to your pool remodelling quote.

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Castlestone Limestone Pool Landscaping Products – Limestone bullnose is the most popular choice for home owners for a number of reasons. Here is a list of advantages it has:

Cool under foot – It has low heat absorption and retention properties meaning no more kids burnt feet around the pool.

Colours – Available in 8 different and distinct colours from natural through to black to suit any pool restoration.

Very hard Wearing – Limestone combined with concrete is very durable and will last 20 plus years.

Affordable – They are the most affordable of all pool paving and bullnose /coping and are proudly produced in Wangara, Perth by Castlestone.

Finishes – With three different anti-slip finishes, engineered to be used in pool landscaping,  available in the full colour range.

Matching Coping and Pavers – All pool landscaping products are available in matching pavers  and coping.


Pool Pavers & Bullnose Finishes

Pool Coping Profiles

Castlestone Pool Paver & Bullnose Colours

Fremantle Stone Pool Paving & Bullnose

Fremantle Stone’s range of quarry cut natural stone is perfectly suited to be used as swimming pool surrounds. Natural stone is great for landscaping your pool area as they are naturally non slip and very hard wearing. Available in a huge range of colours and finishes here is but a small sample of there products. Find that perfect stone to finish the your swimming pool renovation perfectly.  Go to their website or one of there many Perth showroom to see the full range.


Hard Wearing – Travertine is very hard wearing so is perfect for around swimming pools and outdoor areas.

Colours – Available in a range of colours from Natural Limestone to Grey to suit any pool restoration.

Profiles – Travertine pool bullnose / coping are available in 4 different profiles to suit all applications.

Stain Resistant – Naturally stain resistant and stains that do occur are less noticeable on random coloured paving than solid coloured paving.

Cool under foot – Limestone is naturally cool under foot, great around pools in Perth.

Affordable – It is affordable as bullnose due to the small quantity required to surround a swimming pool during the pool landscaping.


Commercial Grade – Granite is the most durable of all bullnose / coping. It is suitable for application in and around swimming pools. It is the hardest wearing stone available.
Smooth – Granite will give a very smooth look as it is very dense with very few imperfections, great as a contrasting dark colour for pavers.

Profiles – Granite pool bullnose / coping is available in 6 different profiles to suit all pool landscaping and renovations. From polished to rough cut there are many options to update the swimming pool area.

Highly stain resistant – Difficult to impossible to stain and chemical resistant.

Colours – 3 Different Colours Available

Freo Limestone

Cool under foot – Stay cooler this summer with limestone used for your pool landscaping .

Colours – Available in 6 different and distinct colours from natural limestone through to Mocha to suit all pool remodelling projects.

Very hard Wearing – Limestone combined with concrete is hard wearing and long lasting.

Affordable – They are the most affordable of all bullnose and are proudly produced in Perth by Freo Stone.

Finishes – Two finishes available in range of sizes to suit all swimming pools.

Matching Pavers – All products are available in matching pavers to suit.