Leak Detection and Pool Repairs

Boutique Pool Renovations provides general pool leak detection and repair work. We have a range of equipment and techniques to pinpoint the exact area of the leak and carry out the necessary repairs. Whether it be a minor repair or a full renovation we can advise of all options available to you.

Leak Detection:– Leaks can appear in various areas around a swimming pool. Leak detection is best handled prior to any pool renovations or resurfacing. Most leaks are simple to find and repair, however some can be a little harder to detect and some even harder to repair. We have range of options to detect and repair all pool leaks using cost effective methods. All work is repairs are carried out by trained professionals who have years of understanding where and why these leaks occur and how they are best remedied.
All work is guaranteed with written warranty.

Cracked Tiles:– Cracked tiles are usually due to movement from wall or pavers. Inferior pool building techniques are usually the reason the problem appears. This problem can be repaired inexpensively with specialty silicone‚ÄĚs which will prevent water loss but not improve the aesthetics of the pool. A re-tile and re-bullnose of the broken area or entire pool is the best way to permanently repair the problem.
This sort of issue develops over many years and is a common reason for renovating your pool. All our work is guaranteed never to create these problems. We use only the highest quality proven pool products for repairs and renovations.

Skimmer Box Repair:– Skimmer boxes are a common cause of problems. After many years plastics become brittle and pressure from pool cleaners cause cracks in skimmer boxes and pipework. Repairs on cracks inside the skimmer are relatively simple, however cracks in pipework under skimmer boxes is a little more complex. We can also replace skimmer boxes, in all pool types, that are beyond repair.
All new skimmer boxes are concreted in place to prevent movement and guarantee a long service life.

General Structural Repairs:– After many years of service swimming pool structures can move and crack. Although rare, the results can be catastrophic. These are worst case scenario situations and usually require substantial time to properly repair the pool structure prior to resurfacing.
Cracks are very simple and temporary repair, however that is treating the symptoms not the cause. Any minor repair is only temporary as a major repair is the only way to guarantee the pool will remain leak free for years to come.